Industrial blowers

Industrial blowers for quiet and powerful operation in low pressure and vacuum applications

We offer three types of blowers designed to meet a wide range of application needs:

  • Rotary lobe blowers with our efficient tri-lobe OMEGA rotors to minimize pulsation effects

  • Rotary screw blowers with the energy-saving SIGMA profile – designed by KAESER for optimum pressure and output

  • Turbo blowers with high-speed, permanent magnet motors featuring wear-proof, magnetic bearings.

Kaeser blowers are easy to maintain and deliver pressurized oil-free air quietly and efficiently for a wide range of applications:

Kaeser's Blower System Engineering Guide

blower system installation guide ebook

Layout Considerations for a Reliable, Energy Efficient, and Safe Blower System

At KAESER, we believe the more you know about operating blower systems the more you'll get out of them. That's why we're committed to offering you the most current information you need to wisely install, operate, and maintain yours.

An overview of our blowers

Rotary screw blowers up to 335 hp

DBS, EBS and FBS series screw blowers from Kaeser Kompressoren

A marvel of efficiency

  • Flow rate up to 5650 cfm
  • The highly efficient SIGMA Profile – now also available for blowers!
  • Optimal pulse damping and low-noise operation
  • Connection-ready complete solution with power electronics and the very latest in control technology
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Rotary screw blowers up to 335 hp

Turbo blowers 200 and 400 hp

PillAerator turbo blowers from Kaeser Kompressoren.

The undisputed master of process air

  • Flow rate up to 9420 cfm
  • High-speed, magnetic bearing motor
  • For an unlimited number of motor starts
  • Broad control range
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Turbo blowers 200 and 400 hp