Environmental responsibility

environmental responsibility

KAESER has always believed that maintaining the quality of our environment is a shared commitment, and as such, we seek to reduce and, where possible, eliminate our impact. Kaeser products operate with exceptional energy efficiency and maximum environmental compatibility and use as few natural resources as possible in production, sales and service.

Recent efforts that underscore our commitment include:

UPS carbon neutral

Kaeser Compressors, Inc. is a participant in the UPS carbon neutral program. KAESER absorbs the additional cost of each shipment without passing the fees on to our customers. The money generated will be used by UPS to invest in carbon offset programs. The UPS carbon neutral program is an additional tool for KAESER to operate more sustainably on a daily basis. The money generated will be used by UPS to invest in carbon offset programs such as reforestation, methane and landfill gas destruction, wastewater treatment and other programs.

Dominion Energy Green Power Program

green energy

Our US headquarters in Fredericksburg, Virginia participates in the Dominion Energy Green Power program to match all consumption with renewable resources. KAESER also supports the growth and development of renewable energy technologies nationwide through the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) for all our branch locations across the United States. These renewables include regional wind, solar and biomass facilities, as well as geothermal, hydropower, wave/ tidal power, and landfill gas extraction.

Advanced energy management

P-2020-Kaeser-USA-expansion - web

In November 2020, KAESER began construction on an addition to our headquarters facility. We incorporated advanced energy management methods for lighting and HVAC, and have strictly followed procedures for the handling of any potentially harmful chemicals, VOCs, erosion and sediment control, etc.

Perfect plants for pollinators

P-plants for pollinators - web

Recognizing the global crisis related to pollinators and the broader impact it could have on our food supply, KAESER funded a two year study at Virginia Tech University’s Couvillon Lab.  “Perfect Plants for Pollinators” was part of our efforts to celebrate KAESER KOMPRESSOREN’s Centennial Year and continue to emphasize the KAESER family’s long standing commitment to the local communities and environments where we do business.

Additional efforts

In addition to these various initiatives and offering the most energy efficient compressors and blowers in their classes, Kaeser actively promotes energy saving best practices for our customers and all compressed air users. 

We produce and promote an extensive array of educational content that is available free of charge including webinars, blog, articles and podcasts on energy reduction techniques in compressed air systems.