Compressed air system tips


Did you know that compressed air generated from rotary screw compressors and proper clean air treatment is up to 10,000 times cleaner than the air we breathe?

Read on for more tips and seasonal guides to keep your compressed air system operating smoothly and efficiently.

Getting the most for your money

compressed air system

To evaluate a compressed air system, you must begin at the end: What are your air requirements at the point of use? Once you determine exactly what type and how much air you need, you can begin to factor-in design considerations, costs, and efficiencies.

Why do we need air treatment?


Because ambient air contains contaminants that are drawn into the compressor. These contaminants are compressed and intensified and find their way into the compressed air stream by the compressor, receiver tank, piping, and other installed components.

Maintenance checklist

maintenance checklist

Here are some things you can do in between formal preventive maintenance(PM) visits on your electric screw compressor in the form of an infographic you can download.

10 Energy saving tips for your compressed air system

Department of Energy energy costs pie chart

Follow our ten tips to save on your compressed air system's energy costs.

Avoid the summertime blues


Don't let hot weather put stress on your compressed air system.

Winterization tips

winter weather ahead

Read our five great tips for winterizing your compressed air system.