Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay my invoices online?

online payments

Pay your invoices electronically using our secure payment server.

Where can I find pricing?


If you are looking for a price for new equipment or spare parts, your local branch or distributor should be your first stop. A Kaeser representative will answer your questions, including pricing questions, about our complete compressed air product line. Use our look-up tool to find the office closest to you and talk to someone today, or use our form and someone will be in touch as soon as possible.

Where can I find a manual?


Your best source for information on your unit, including service manuals, is your local distributor. However, you can use our Manual Request Form to request an electronic copy of the manual for your equipment. Have your serial numbers and part numbers handy.

Unit nameplates

Look for the unit nameplate on the outside of the machine or inside the control panel. In order to identify the correct manual for your unit we need either the equipment number (EMR) or both the part number and serial number.