set it and forget it

Set it and forget it

A recent post on the Pneumatic Tips blog highlighted the importance of reviewing the settings on your compressed air equipment. Selecting the right type and size of your compressors is a critical first step but your efforts, and dollars, may be wasted if you don’t choose the right settings.
Correctly adjusting pressure settings after the installation of a new compressor is imperative, even with the addition of a master controller. A master controller gives you a “set it and forget it” possibility. The master makes all the hard choices and should ensure that your VFD compressor is always trimming and your fixed speed compressors are fully loaded or off. However, if the master is powered down for any reason, the pressure settings will need to be adjusted so that the system can still be dialed in (as much as possible) for the interim. Always check your reporting from your master controller to ensure it’s running the system optimally!

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