compressed air treatment

Why do we need compressed air treatment?

Because ambient air contains contaminants that are drawn into the compressor. These contaminants are compressed and intensified and find their way into the compressed air stream by the compressor, receiver tank, piping, and other installed components. Contaminants can exist in three different forms:

  • Solids: dirt, dust, pipe scale, compressor wear particles
  • Liquids/aerosols: oil and water
  • Gases/vapor: water, oil (hydrocarbons), carbon monoxide, chemical pollutants

Compressed air applications range from shop air to breathing air, with a wide range of applications in between. Because the application determines the type of air treatment required, the first step in meeting your air treatment needs is to look closely at your application and the air quality it requires. Also, remember that individual applications requiring high air quality should not dictate the design of your overall system. Instead, point of use care can often be a cost-effective solution.

Example air treatment configurations with ISO 8573.1 quality classes shown

ISO air quality classes
The configurations above do not depict every possible dryer-filter combination.