Maintenance checklist for rotary screw compressors

Here are some things you can do in between formal preventive maintenance (PM) visits on your electric screw compressor to extend compressor life and prevent downtime. Keeping an eye on these things will give you advance notice if you need service sooner than your next scheduled PM.

maintenance checklist infographic

Compressor fluid level
Most units have sight glasses to check fluid levels. Check level per manufacturer's instruction. Top off as needed, but do not overfill.

Room temperature
Excess heat increases maintenance frequency. Mount a thermometer in the compressor room. Increase ventilation if room temperature exceeds operating limits.

Inlet filters
Inspect and remove/vacuum loose dust from inlet filters. Frequency depends on ambient dust load.

Inspect and vacuum ambient side of coolers. Frequency depends on ambient dust load.

Cooler pre-filters
If present, inspect and vacuum. Frequency depends on dust load.

Check belts and couplers
Inspect belts and couplers for cracks or other signs of wear. Check belt tension monthly and adjust as needed.

Grease motor bearings
Failing to keep motors properly greased can lead to motor failures.

Electric cabinet
Check the cabinet for dirt, dust, and moisture. Vacuum the dirt or dust. Important: Disconnect from power source before opening the cabinet.

Drain traps
If present, press the test button to confirm proper operation.

Duty cycle
Keep an eye on running hours. Low load percentage can increase moisture build-up in the compressor fluid.