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Blowers for air knives?

blowers for air knives

Substantial energy savings can be achieved by replacing air knife processes currently using compressed air with blower-supplied air.

Compressed air audits: What to expect from vendors

compressed air audits

One of the most popular methods to identify ways to lower compressed air system energy consumption is to complete a comprehensive compressed air assessment, or “air demand analysis.” If you’re bringing in an outside party to perform the service, make sure your vendor is not cutting corners and that you understand ...

Fix air leaks and improve your bottom line

improve the bottom line

Compressed air systems are in nearly every industrial facility in the United States, and the undeniable fact about those systems is: they all have leaks. The U.S. Department of Energy, supported by countless system audits, estimates the average leakage rate is 25 percent. In fact, some plants lose as much as 80 percent of their compressed air to leaks...