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Mind the gap                                                

mind the gap

Variable speed control compressors can be an important component of an optimized system provided that it is properly applied.  Variable speed is not, however, a simple panacea for instant compressed air system efficiency. The dynamics of the control must be understood and the machines properly sized.

Piston versus rotary screw compressors

piston vs screw

Piston compressors are still the most common type of compressor found in the automotive service industry that includes gas stations, general service, quick lube shops, tire stores, fleet maintenance facilities, dealer fixed operations, and collision repair. For most of these facilities, the relatively low air demand and quality needed make the piston a cost effective choice.

Receiver tanks for small compressed air systems

receiver tanks for small systems

For many small compressed air users, the question of where to place the receiver tank in their system comes up frequently. It’s often taken for granted but the tank performs several vital functions and is worth talking about.

Turning air compressors into an energy source

CSD compressor installation with Sigma Air Manager 4.0

One important way operational efficiencies can be increased is by harnessing heat from compressed air systems, which are a major component of industrial energy consumption.