Air system instrumentation

Measure and manage

Do you always have an eye on the exact condition of your machines and the quality of your compressed air? Many manufacturing companies are faced with the challenge of not recording this important information or recording it inadequately. The consequences should not be underestimated: Unplanned downtimes, lower performance and unnecessarily high energy consumption. 

We have the solution! KAESER MEASUREMENT TECHNOLOGY is a suite of intelligent sensors to continuously monitor key performance indicators throughout the entire compressed air system. Precise recording of relevant process and energy data is the key to success. From fault currents and voltage quality to suction/ambient conditions, pressures, temperatures and volume flows - no detail remains undiscovered. We also focus on pressure dew point, differential pressures as well as machine-internal values ​​and operating states. By tracking and managing this valuable measurement data, you can specifically identify potential savings and optimize your system. 

Gain a deep understanding of how individual machines or processes contribute to overall energy consumption. Use this knowledge to make your processes more efficient and sustainably increase your success. Trust in our process data acquisition and measurement devices to take the performance of your production to a new level. Optimize your consumption, increase your productivity and improve your processes with our innovative technology. Don't leave anything to chance - rely on precise data for your success!

Your advantages

  • Intelligent sensors
    Multiple data acquisition points - Take into account all relevant measured values ​​per measuring device, Power over Ethernet, Simple data integration
  • Process data collection
    Real-time monitoring. Data evaluation. Key figure formation. Surveillance. Troubleshooting. Understand and evaluate connections. 
  • The compressed air system
    Uniform, high-quality sensor technology; Easy installation and commissioning; Certified products

Creating the conditions for digitalization

KAESER SIGMA NETWORK offers connection to a desktop, laptop or tablet and to your own control center.

Do you want a complete overview of your compressed air station? After your components are connected to each other and data is transmitted to the compressed air management system SIGMA AIR MANAGER 4.0, you have the opportunity to centrally monitor, monitor and optimize your process for generating compressed air.

Have your individually required key performance indicators displayed, such as pressure, temperature and pressure dew point. This means you always have an overview of your production needs and can optimize energy.

By collecting and analyzing machine data, maintenance can be detected early. With real-time insights via KAESER CONNECT, you can keep an eye on the status of your compressed air station and receive comprehensive reporting for documentation and digitization. Your local branch or distributor should be your first stop when you have a question, need a quote, parts or service. Call us to find your local office.

Discover our process data packages

Room monitoring

A standard for every compressed air station

Optimize your processes with our efficient KM PA/B and KM AA/A, together with the powerful SIGMA AIR MANAGER 4.0. Precise knowledge of the suction and ambient conditions offers a significant advantage for precise error analysis and enables precise volume flow control for blowers as well as reliable vacuum control. In addition, dynamic compensation to standard volume flow enables optimal performance of your systems. 

Trust in our high-quality measurement technology and the innovative SIGMA AIR MANAGER 4.0 to improve your processes and increase the efficiency of your systems.