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Consider all the costs of compressed air

consider all the costs of compressed air

The purchase price of a compressor is an important consideration when comparing new equipment options, but it’s only one of several cost components that affect the overall cost of owning and operating an air system.

Energy saving tips with heat recovery

save energy with heat recovery

How to calculate energy savings for heat recovery systems and examples of savings potential.

Trim your compressed air "waste" line, one pound at a time

trim compressed air waste

Anyone with a compressed air system is familiar with leaks, the energy and money losses caused by them, and the headaches associated with preventing and fixing them. What many people don’t consider though is artificial demand.

Don't throw your compressed air down the drain

don't throw your compressed air down the drain

If you’ve got a compressed air system, then you’ve got condensate. Hopefully, you also have condensate drains on aftercoolers, filters, dryers, tanks, and air lines throughout your system. Condensate drains are often overlooked but serve a vital function. Condensate is mostly water, but it also contains oil, dirt, and other materials. If you aren’t properly draining it from your system, you can contaminate your products and cause wear and downtime in your production equipment.

Compressor control profiles

control profiles

There are several different ways to control an individual compressor to match output to demand. In single compressor installations, some are better at handling part-load conditions than others.

7 Deadly sins of compressed air

7 deadly sins of compressed air

When putting together a compressed air system, temptation is all around you. You want the best system, but having the best doesn’t mean grabbing whatever looks good. Build a system that meets your needs not your wants.