KAD Heatless regenerated desiccant dryers 3000 to 5400 cfm

3000 to 5400 scfm @100 psig
Pressure dew point: to -94 °F

Kaeser Adsorptive Desiccant dryers (KAD Series) employ a heatless regenerative design to produce pressure dew points as low as -94°F. Solid-state controls with adjustable cycle timers allow KAD Series dryers to be easily adapted to user requirements. The optional purge saver (Eco Control 3) control dramatically increases efficiency at reduced flows. Other features include an active P&I display, alarms, warnings, service timers, communication ability, and more

KAD dryers are ideally suited for moisture sensitive applications such as electronics and pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing and brewing. They are also used when the compressed air is exposed to freezing temperatures to prevent water from condensing and freezing within the pipeline, valves, and end uses.

Important features and advantages:

  • KAD E models are supplied with an inexpensive, simple, fixed-cycle timer for -40°F pressure dew point 
  • KAD EC3 models are equipped with automatic purge savings, matching purge consumption to demand 
  • Standard and custom filter packages are available