Air compressor condensate management

Compressed air condensate is a by-product of all compressors. It is a mixture of ambient hydrocarbons, compressor lubricant with ambient moisture, and particulates that have been concentrated and removed from the air stream by dryers and filters. Drains and condensate separators are needed to completely remove it from the air system.

Condensate drains

ECO-DRAIN electronic condensate drain

Remove condensate from the compressed air system

  • ECO-DRAIN electronic condensate drain with level regulation and extremely durable valve control – for prevention of compressed air loss
  • Test button and auto-monitoring with floating alarm contact (depending on model) – supports networking with master controller
  • ECO-DRAIN Series 3x with factory-tested service unit – for highly reliable and low-cost maintenance
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Condensate drains

Condensate disposal

KCF 25 and i.CF 30

Efficient disposal of water and contaminants removed by dryers and filters.

  • Kaeser's oil/water separators offer reliable condensate treatment with little to no energy costs, considerably more cost-effective than external disposal
  • Environmentally friendly
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