Condensate treatment: AQUAMAT i.CF

Clean wastewater – without the fuss

All compressor condensate contains some amount of contaminants. It’s common for regulations to require a maximum oil content in the condensate before it can be fed into the wastewater sewer system. 

AQUAMAT i.CF oil-water separators remove dispersed oil efficiently, intelligently, and safely. The separators can enable compliant treatment of the condensate in the compressed air system without use of costly external disposal methods

Your advantages

  • Cut disposal costs substantially:
    Having your condensate picked up and treated externally is expensive. With the i.CF the condensate is treated at the source, and only residual quantities of contaminants remain for disposal – cutting typical disposal costs.
  • Extended filter service life:
    All models use powerful synthetic fiber filters with enhanced filtration capacity. The AQUAMAT CONTROL enables the i.CF to accurately use the filter fibers to their full potential, thereby extending service life to a maximum.
  • Straightforward testing and service:
    The filtered wastewater condensate can be visually checked by using a reference turbidity set. When the turbidity exceeds the reference, the cartridges can easily and cleanly be replaced.
An overview of system cost-effectiveness

Thanks to savings on typical condensate disposal costs, i.CF investment costs are quickly amortized while the i.CF itself contributes significantly to the cost balance of your entire system over the long-term – an aspect that's central to KAESER's approach.


Product details


The heart of active separation

AQUAMAT CONTROL is the controller for the oil/water separator.

Continuous process monitoring

The AQUAMAT CONTROL monitors the condensate level, ensuring defined and trouble-free condensate flow. The controller captures process parameters and reports malfunctions.

Remaining cartridge service life

AQUAMAT CONTROL determines the remaining cartridge service life based on sensor and process data, in accordance with load. This makes maintenance easily predictable.

Automatic drainage

AQUAMAT CONTROL drains the cartridges at the push of a button, ensuring that each cartridge weighs less than 25 kg to facilitate clean and ergonomic replacement, while also saving on disposal costs.

Network connection

AQUAMAT CONTROL provides process data and notifications via Modbus TCP (Ethernet), enabling process control by master controllers such as the SIGMA AIR MANAGER 4.0.

Local WLAN

The AQUAMAT CONTROL provides local WLAN access, allowing service personnel to access information regarding system configuration, process data and notifications on mobile devices, even without a network connection.

Clean – In all areas
Supplied blanking plugs ensure even greater safety.

Entire oil volume contained

Thanks to generous sizing and optimized filter material utilization, the entire oil volume is permanently bound inside the cartridge. Contact with service personnel and environmental contamination are therefore reliably avoided.

Draining at the push of a button

Thanks to active separation, the cartridges are drained using light pressure pulses. Lengthy and contaminant-laden dripping when changing the filter material is therefore eliminated. This controlled drainage means that a fully saturated cartridge weighs less than 55 lb.

The valve in the cartridge prevents liquids from leaking.

Bayonet and drip-stop valve

Cartridge replacement is simple and clean thanks to the practical bayonet fitting. The valve in the cartridge prevents liquids from leaking. Supplied blanking plugs provide additional security to prevent any leakage of liquids.

Ergonomic handle

The cartridge inlet pipe is designed as a non-slip, stable handle. Cartridge transportation and installation is therefore exceptionally ergonomic. The cartridge is lifted out of the bayonet fitting with a 45° turn using its ergonomic handle. Fully saturated, it weighs a maximum of 55 lb.

Modular – Easily expandable
Practical retrofit kits for subsequent capacity adjustment.

Conventional oil/water separators are designed for a specific condensate volume. Should this capacity be exceeded, e.g. due to increasing compressed air demand, an additional device must be installed. Thanks to its modular design, the AQUAMAT i.CF can easily be adapted for both increased and reduced demand by means of simple retrofit kits.

Sustainable – Controller for sustainable environmental protection
The AQUAMAT CONTROL controller provides state-of-the-art environmental protection.

An oil/water separator whose operation is not monitored or is inadequately maintained can potentially contaminate the environment with oil-laden condensate and wastewater. 

The intelligent AQUAMAT i.CF oil/water separator with AQUAMAT CONTROL provides state-of-the-art environmental protection:

  • The hygienic cartridge concept with automatic drainage and a drip-stop valve at the bottom securely contains the entire volume of oil.
  • The active separation process protects against backflow and consequently prevents condensate overflow.
  • The AQUAMAT CONTROL controller continuously displays the remaining cartridge capacity, ensuring maintenance transparency and predictability.