Energy-saving SECOTEC refrigerated dryers, 1340 - 3070 scfm

SECOTEC TG Refrigerated Dryers: Compact giants

With the new TG series, KAESER extends its range of energy-saving SECOTEC refrigerated dryers to accommodate flow rates up to 3070 scfm and offers a choice of air- or water-cooled models.

Designed for large-scale industry, these compact giants ensure stable pressure dew point performance even under the toughest of operating conditions - with maximum reliability and minimal life-cycle costs.
The powerful cold storage concept, together with the standard network-capable SIGMA CONTROL SMART controller, ensure material-friendly and energy-saving operation in all load phases. The innovative exhaust air control of the air-cooled variants sets the new standard in terms of operational safety and cost efficiency.

Your advantages

  • Improved operational reliability:
    The SECOTEC TG series refrigerated dryer's innovative exhaust air control, combined with its frequency-controlled radial fan, ensures optimal cooling performance. This not only opens up new savings opportunities when it comes to planning and installation, but also significantly contributes to efficient and material-friendly operation of large refrigerated dryers.
  • Future-proof investment:
    With the climate-friendly R-513A refrigerant, KAESER offers the best solution currently available to assure future supply dependability. This effectively prevents high conversion costs or even imminent decommissioning.
  • Reduce your operating costs even further:
    Thanks to the powerful cold storage concept with SECOPACK LS and perfectly matched multiple compressors, SECOTEC TG refrigerated dryers boast exceptionally efficient partial load control for flow rates up to 3070 scfm within an impressively compact unit that requires minimal maintenance.

Product details

Innovative exhaust air control with radial fan
The key innovation in the new SECOTEC refrigerated dryers is their radial fan.

Significant space-savings reduce planning and installation costs. Stable pressure dew point performance combined with material-friendly, energy-saving operation thanks to optimal system cooling.


  • According to load, the frequency-controlled radial fan draws off the accumulated exhaust heat from the refrigeration dryer via the cooling air flow.
  • The radial fan is sufficiently powerful to allow standard exhaust air ducting to be connected directly to the refrigeration dryer.
  • The high efficiency dimensioning of the radial fan is also reflected in the low power consumption performance of SECOTEC TG refrigeration dryers.
  • Thermal overload - caused by hot exhaust air being drawn back in as cooling air - is safely avoided.
  • Compared to conventional ventilation systems using air hoods and auxiliary fans: No unnecessary removal of air from the room. This minimizes exhaust air flow which means smaller diameter ducting can be used. There is no longer any need for an auxiliary fan. 
  • Independent exhaust air control and high residual thrust allow direct connection to the compressor collector ducts.  
R-513A: A future-proof refrigerant

The use of small volumes of the future-proof R-513A refrigerant provides security of supply for maintenance work throughout the entire life of the refrigerated dryer.


  • The use of greenhouse gases is becoming ever more strictly regulated throughout the world. Installation of highly compact heat exchangers - such as SECOPACK LS and micro-channel condensers - considerably reduces refrigerant demand.
  • The greenhouse gas potential of R-513A is significantly lower compared to the refrigerants that have commonly been used in refrigerated dryers up until now.
  • R-513A is equivalent to R-134a. It is neither toxic nor flammable.
High-performance thermal mass storage concept
SECOPACK heat exchanger - sectional view
  1. Compressed air inlet
  2. Condensate outlet
  3. Refrigerant inlet (cold)
  4. Refrigerant outlet (warm)
  5. Heat transfer
  6. Compressed air outlet

Material-friendly operation, stable pressure dew point and high energy-efficiency in all load phases.


  • The SECOTEC TG series combines the SECOPACK LS heat exchanger system with latent thermal storage and up to three refrigerant compressors arranged in parallel. These are switched continuously, according to the load level. 
  • This relieves the load on the thermal mass, allowing it to be made even more compact.
  • The high-performance thermal mass allows efficient, infinitely variable adjustment to cooling performance during partial load operation.
  • Material-friendly operation thanks to the limited switching frequency of the refrigerant compressors.
  • The standard SIGMA CONTROL SMART controller determines the actual electrical power consumption.
Minimal servicing costs

Minimal costs for maintenance, inspection and documentation.


  • Unlike typical axial fans, radial fans are designed to last for the unit’s entire service life.
  • The condensate separator in the SECOPACK LS operates without the use of filter elements. It is just a matter of replacing the service unit in the standard ECO-DRAIN condensate drain.  
  • No other parts are required when it comes to maintenance.
  • R-513A refrigerant: Low fill volumes and low greenhouse gas potential allow cost-effective compliance with environmental regulations. It is still recommended to have the unit inspected once per year by a certified expert.
Compact dimensions

Efficient thermal storage control up to 3070 cfm on a footprint of just 18.3 sq. ft. This allows a space-saving installation and a high degree of flexibility when it comes to planning.


  • The SECOTEC TG’s small size is made possible by the compact thermal mass storage concept.
  • The SECOTEC TG measures just 40 3/8 x 65 1/8 x 83 3/4 in.
  • The rear side can be placed right against the wall (clearance of 8 in. required).
Technical specifications

The technical specifications can be found in this brochure: