Air compressor and dryer package options

Clean, dry compressed air with a space-saving design

Our AIRTOWER and AIRCENTER models combine a rotary screw compressor, refrigerated dryer, and air receiver in a single, compact package. Their small footprint makes these complete systems the perfect solution for workshops and smaller industrial facilities where floor space is often limited.

These air compressor and dryer package units are also very quiet. A quiet air compressor allows you to place your compressor in your shop without having to create a separate space for it.

Since all components are combined in one pre-assembled package, installation is also very simple. Our air compressor packages are available in 3 to 40 hp sizes in many configurations.

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    Standard models

    SXC "compact" series rotary screw compressors

    All-in-one on just 6.6 sq. ft with the AIRTOWER series. And the best part of it: You can start work immediately!

    • Up to 7.5 hp
    • With rugged polyethylene enclosure
    • SIGMA CONTROL BASIC controller with electricity-saving start-stop control
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    Standard models

    Premium models


    AIRCENTERS from KAESER for industry and trade – a large selection of premium quality machines

    • Up to 20 hp
    • Nine models to choose from
    • Efficient SIGMA CONTROL controller with electricity-saving control modes
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    Premium models