HT Series High Pressure Refrigerated Dryers - up to 3000 scfm

HT Series High Pressure Refrigerated Dryers

Kaeser’s HT Series refrigerated dryers are specifically designed for high pressure applications, such as laser cutting, leak testing, and PET bottling. High-quality components and excellent manufacturing ensure your processes will enjoy premium moisture protection for the long-term.

  • Reliably dry compressed air from 130 scfm to 3,000 scfm
  • For working pressures up to 725 psig
  • For ambient temperatures up to 110°F

Your advantages

  • Long-term operational reliability:
    Smooth surface, stainless steel plate-type heat exchangers resist fouling and maintain high heat transfer and low pressure drop for the life of the unit.  Plus, they are fully insulated to preserve cooling effects.
  • Easy installation
    HT series dryers are delivered ready for installation; simply connect the piping and electric service.  Compact cabinet design and bottom clearance allow easy placement by forklift or pallet jack.
  • Condensate drainage without pressure loss: 
    HT series dryers feature staged separation to effectively remove large moisture loads.  Built-in automatic drains include an accurate and adjustable solid state timer and a rugged solenoid valve that resists clogging and leaking.

* All dryers are UL recognized and use only environmentally friendly R-134a (Models HT 0.5 to HT 3.5) or R-404a (Models HT 4.0 to HT 10) refrigerant.

Product Features:

  • On/Off switch
  • Power On light
  • Compressor On light
  • Dew point temperature indicator
  • Drain push-to-test button
  • Condensate draining light
  • Integral 3 micron KFS filtered separator
  • 304 stainless steel inlet and outlet air connections