i.Comp workshop compressors

i.Comp 8 and 9 oilless reciprocating air compressors

The i.Comp series compressors are variable speed, oilless reciprocating compressors ideally suited to small intermittent demands with high air quality requirements. They are direct drive, very quiet, compact and require little routine service.  

The G version has SIGMA CONTROL 2 as standard while the TOWER also has 2x10.5 gal receivers and a KAESER DRAIN. The TOWER T versions combine the compressor, SIGMA CONTROL 2, refrigerated dryer, air tanks and automatic drain into a complete turnkey package. 

i.Comp units deliver outstanding energy efficiency, maintenance-friendliness, durability and perfectly-matched components to ensure years of dependable, cost-effective service.

Key benefits of i.Comp compressors:

  • Superior energy efficiency
  • Precise pressure control and stability
  • High quality air for sensitive applications
  • Minimal maintenance and low life cycle costs
  • High reliability for long life
  • Compact footprint
  • With sound levels no higher than 65.7 dB(A), the i.Comp provides a quiet work environment

Flow rate: from 14 to 20 cfm

Pressure range: 30 to 160 psig

Model* Flow range at 90 psi (cfm) Flow range at 160 psi (cfm)
i.Comp 8 7 - 14.3 5.2 - 10.3
i.Comp 9 9.8 - 20.1 7.9 - 14.4

* Same performance for i.Comp G, TOWER, and TOWER T models


Take a closer look at our oilless workshop compressors

New drive concept

The innovative new drive concept provides a multitude of advantages. The variable frequency control provides soft motor starts and allows it to deliver the exact amount of air needed to meet actual compressed air demand. The direct integration of motor and pump eliminates belts and minimizes transmission losses. Reduced-size crank drive guarantees smooth operation. Optimized cooling and inlet air flow paths improve reliability and reduce pressure losses.

Product details

High efficiency

Infinitely variable settings ensure the exact amount of compressed air that is actually required.
1 - Conventional reciprocating compressors
2 - i.Comp

The combination of variable speed drive and smart controls with the SIGMA CONTROL 2 achieves greater energy cost savings, even at part load. The specific package input power of i.Comp 8 / 9 compressors is up to 18% lower than conventional reciprocating compressors.

Pressure stability

pressure stability with icomp

SIGMA CONTROL 2, combined with variable speed drive allow precise pressure control. The Better cooling and 100% duty cycle eliminate the need for wide pressure bands and large tanks as with other pistons.

High-quality air

The absence of oil eliminates the oil carryover common among piston compressors, and the inlet air filter traps particulate. Tower T models also include the dryer, tanks and drain to collect and remove moisture, for air quality that will improve productivity and extend the life of pneumatic equipment.

Space-saving installation

space-saving icomp

i.Comp 8 and 9 have a  compact footprint of less than 11 ft² including tanks and dryer.  The use of variable speed drive eliminates the need for large tanks.

Minimal maintenance

i.Comp units have minimal routine maintenance requirements. They have no oil or belts to change and the direct drive is completely maintenance-free.The roto-molded PE enclosure is designed for full access to all components when needed. Servicing is carried out from either side only, further reducing space requirements.


i.Comp units can sustain higher duty cycles than other pistons with much smaller tanks. With the variable speed drive, they have soft motor starts that reduce inrush currents that can break down motor windings. Multiple design features all but eliminate vibration which eliminates stress on internal piping and wiring connections. Superior cooling air flow allows operation in ambient temperatures as high as +113°F.

Plug and play

The i.Comp 8 / 9 is delivered ready to operate. Just connect it to a power supply and the compressed air piping. On the Tower T models with tanks and dryer, all interconnecting piping and wiring is complete from the factory.