Rotary lobe blowers up to 335 hp

Rotary lobe blowers – Impressive reliability

Rotary lobe blowers from KAESER with the OMEGA Profile impress with their exceptionally durable construction. Thanks to a universal design concept, these blower systems are not only individually configurable and simple to expand - they also stand out for their ease of maintenance and handling. 

When specified with the optional control cabinet, KAESER rotary lobe blowers are transformed into ready-to-run, “Plug and Play” complete solutions, thus ensuring simple commissioning and reliable, economical operation. 

KAESER’s tried-and-tested rotary lobe technology is ideal for applications such as the pneumatic conveying of bulk materials, filter backwashing at drinking water installations, the aeration of biofilters and pools in the aquaculture sector, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants and the conveyance of nitrogen.

Performance data:

  • 2 to 335 hp
  • Gauge pressure flow rate from 28 to 5509 cfm
  • Gauge pressure differential up to 14.5 psi

Your benefits:

  • Low investment costs – high efficiency 
    Rotary lobe blower systems from KAESER are unbeatable when it comes to operations with low working pressures and short running periods. The special OMEGA Profile featured on KAESER’s three-lobe rotary lobe blowers guarantees high levels of energy efficiency. Low investment costs pay off particularly quickly in applications and processes which require a reliable supply of a constant air volume.
  • Modular and compact 
    Thanks to their modular design, KAESER blower systems can be configured individually, depending on the application in question. Anything is possible, from simple sound enclosures to a fully automated system. What is more, KAESER rotary lobe blowers are designed to be particularly compact, meaning installation side-by-side poses no problem at all.
  • Robust and durable 
    When it comes to KAESER blower blocks and airends, “long service life” and “low maintenance costs” are not just catchphrases. The foundations for these qualities are laid down during the manufacturing stage: All KAESER rotary lobe blowers feature precisely machined timing gears, highly durable roller bearings and precision-balanced rotors.

Product details


Blower block

Rotary lobe blower packages with OMEGA profile
  • Robust and durable
  • Energy-efficient Omega Profile rotors
  • Wide control range

Drive motor

  • IE3 high-efficiency motor
  • Three PTC thermistors as standard
  • Calibrated with OFC frequency controller for variable speed systems
  • Easily accessible, central lubrication port to regrease motor bearings for fast and safe maintenance

Sound insulation

  • The system’s blower and motor cooling air is drawn in from outside the sound enclosure from the cooler ambient surroundings for maximum energy efficiency.
  • Effective sound-proofing provided by thick-walled lining with dense foam and dampening louvers over intake and exhaust openings
  • Absorption silencer minimizes process air pulsation downstream of the blower block
  • Low residual pulsation for minimal sound transfer to downstream piping.

Power transmission

  • High efficiency
  • V-belt guard for safe operation
  • Automatic belt tensioning for consistently high power transmission ratio
  • Belt tensioning device also serves as motor lifting device when changing the belt.


SIGMA CONTROL 2 compressor controller
  • SIGMA CONTROL 2 with blower-specific software
  • Display and RFID reader provide effective communication and enhanced security.
  • Highly flexible and easily integrates into plant control / SCADA systems thanks to the multiple available interfaces
  • SD card reader for quick and easy updates and logging operating data
Innovative installation concept
Rotary lobe blower station from KAESER Compressors.

To save space, multiple COMPACT blower units can be installed side by side. All maintenance and installation work can be performed through the front or top of the unit. All valves are mounted directly on the blower unit. The pipe connections and cooling air apertures are located at the rear.

Robust construction – low maintenance requirements
KAESER Rotary lobe blowers with extremely durable bearings.

The OMEGA blower block delivers pressures up to 15 psig, block discharge temperatures up to 320 °F, a broad control range with speed-controlled operation, Q 2.5 rotor balancing for quieter operation, extended service life and minimal maintenance requirements. 

An extremely high rotor balancing quality of Q 2.5, combined with the rotors’ single-piece design including the shaft ends, ensures a vibration-free, low-noise operation. Rotor tips with integrated sealing strips ensure the blower block is more resistant to dust particles and thermal stress.

Technical specifications

The technical specifications can be found in this brochure: